Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

1. Nature of Business

1. Nature of Business
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2021
Organization, Consolidation and Presentation of Financial Statements [Abstract]  
1. Nature of Business

1. Nature of Business


On November 2, 2020, the Company filed a Certificate of Amendment to its Certificate of Incorporation with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware to reflect its corporate name change from Newgioco Group, Inc. to Elys Game Technology, Corp.


Established in the state of Delaware in 1998, Elys Game Technology, Corp (“Elys” or the “Company”), the Company provides Gaming services in the US market via our recently acquired subsidiary Bookmakers Company US, LLC (“USB”) in certain licensed states where we offer bookmaking and platform services to the Company’s customers. The Company’s intention is to focus its attention on expanding the US market. The Company recently began operation in Washington DC through a Class B Managed Service Provider and Class B Operator license to operate a sportsbook within the Grand Central Bar and Grill located in the Adams Morgan area of Washington, D.C., and in October 2021 we entered into an agreement with Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, to provide platform and bookmaking services, Ocean Resort Casino began using the Company’s platform and bookmaking services in March 2022.


The Company also provides gaming services in Italy through its subsidiary, Multigioco, which operations are carried out via both land-based or online retail gaming licenses regulated by the ADM that permits the Company to distribute leisure betting products such as sports betting, and virtual sports betting products through both physical, land-based retail locations as well as online through our licensed website or commercial webskins linked to the Company’s licensed website and through mobile devices. Management decided to focus its attention on developing the US market for future growth and allowed the Austrian Bookmakers license, that is regulated by the Austrian Federal Finance Ministry (“BMF”), to be revoked by not renewing required monetary deposits.


Additionally, the Company is a global gaming technology company which owns and operates a betting software designed with a unique “distributed model” architecture colloquially named Elys Game Board (the “Platform”) through its Odissea subsidiary. The Platform is a fully integrated “omni-channel” framework that combines centralized technology for updating, servicing and operations with multi-channel functionality to accept all forms of customer payment through the two distribution channels described above. The omni-channel software design is fully integrated with a built in player gaming account management system, built-in sports book and a virtual sports platform through its Virtual Generation subsidiary. The Platform also provides seamless application programming interface integration of third-party supplied products such as online casino, poker, lottery and horse racing and has the capability to incorporate e-sports and daily fantasy sports providers.


Our corporate group is based in North America, which includes an executive suite situated in Las Vegas, Nevada and a Canadian office in Toronto, Ontario through which we carry-out corporate activities, handle day-to-day reporting and U.S. development planning, and through which various employees, independent contractors and vendors are engaged.


The Company and its subsidiaries are as follows:


Name   Acquisition or Formation Date   Domicile   Functional Currency
Elys Game Technology, Corp.   Parent Company   USA   US Dollar
Multigioco Srl (“Multigioco”)   August 15, 2014   Italy   Euro
Ulisse GmbH (“Ulisse”)   July 1, 2016   Austria   Euro

Odissea Betriebsinformatik Beratung GmbH


  July 1, 2016   Austria   Euro
Virtual Generation Limited (“Virtual Generation”)   January 31, 2019   Malta   Euro
Newgioco Group Inc. (“NG Canada”)   January 17, 2017   Canada   Canadian Dollar
Elys Technology Group Limited   April 4, 2019   Malta   Euro
Newgioco Colombia SAS   November 22, 2019   Colombia   Colombian Peso
Elys Gameboard Technologies, LLC   May 28, 2020   USA   US Dollar
Bookmakers Company US, LLC (“USB”)   July 15, 2021   USA   US Dollar



On July 5, 2021, the Company entered into a Membership Purchase Agreement (the “Purchase Agreement”) to acquire 100% of Bookmakers Company US LLC, a Nevada limited liability company doing business as U.S. Bookmaking (“USB”), from its members (the “Sellers”). On July 15, 2021 the Company consummated the acquisition of USB and in terms of the Purchase Agreement the Company acquired 100% of USB, from its members (the “Sellers”) and USB became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company.


USB is a provider of sports wagering services such as design and consulting, turn-key sports wagering solutions, and risk management.


Pursuant to the terms of the Purchase Agreement, the consideration paid for all of the equity of USB was $6 million in cash plus the issuance of 1,265,823 shares of the Company’s common stock with a market value of $4,544,304. The number of shares issued was calculated using an agreed upon value of $6,000,000 divided by $4.74 per share, based on the volume weighted average closing price of the stock for the 90 trading days preceding the closing date.


The Sellers will have an opportunity to receive up to an additional $38 million 38,000,000 plus a potential premium of 10% (or $3.8 million) based upon achievement of stated adjusted cumulative EBITDA milestones during the next four years, payable 50% in cash and 50% in the Company’s stock at a price equal to volume weighted average price of the company’s common stock for the 90 consecutive trading days preceding January 1 of each subsequent fiscal year for the duration of the earnout period ending December 31, 2025, subject to obtaining shareholder approval, if the aggregate number of shares to be issued pursuant to the Purchase Agreement exceeds 4,401,020 and with a cap of 5,065,000 on the aggregate number of shares to be issued. Any excess not approved by shareholders or exceeding the cap will be paid in cash. Refer to footnote 3 and 14 below.


The Company operates in two lines of business: (i) provider of certified betting platform software services to leisure betting establishments in Italy and 9 other countries and; (ii) the operating of web based as well as land-based leisure betting establishments situated throughout Italy. The Company’s operations are carried out through the following three geographically organized groups:


  a) an operational group is based in Europe and maintains administrative offices headquartered in Rome, Italy with satellite offices for operations administration in Naples and Teramo, Italy and San Gwann, Malta;


  b) a technology group which is based in Innsbruck, Austria and manages software development, training and administration; and


  c) a corporate group which is based in North America and maintains an executive suite in Las Vegas, Nevada and a Canadian office in Toronto, through which we carry-out corporate activities, handle day-to-day reporting and U.S. development planning, and through which various employees, independent contractors and vendors are engaged.